Prof. Jaihie Kim received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at the Case Western Reserve University, USA. Since 1984, he has been a professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,YonseiUniversity in the Republic of Korea. Currently, Prof. Kim is the Director of the Biometric Engineering Research Center in Korea, the Emeritus Chairman of the Korea Biometric Association, a member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, and in 2008 he was the President of the IEEK (Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea) and now an Emeritus President of the IEEK.

  Prof. Kims general research interests include biometrics, pattern recognition and computer vision. Specifically, some of his recent research topics include touchless fingerprint recognition, fake biometrics detection, iris recognition at a distance andface age estimation/synthesis. He was the Keynote Speaker at the Security Symposium 2006 in Japan, the Biometric Consortium Conference 2007 in USA, the IEICE General Meeting 2008 in Japan, the FAN 2009 in Japan, the UKC 2009 in USA, the ICEIC 2010 at Philippine and the International Conference on Hand-based Biometrics 2011 (Hong Kong).

Degree University Major Location

Case Western Reserve University Electrical Eng.

Artificial Intelligence Ohio, U.S.A.
M.S. Case Western Reserve University Electrical Eng. Data Structure Ohio, U.S.A.

Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University

Electronic Eng.

Seoul, Korea


Position and Organization

84. 8. ~ Present

 Professor,  the school of electrical and electronic engineering, 
 Yonsei University

02. 7. ~ Present

 Director,  the Biometrics Engineering Research Center (BERC)

01. 3. ~ 2013.

 Chairman,  the Korea Biometrics Association

08.3. ~ 09.2

 Chairman,  the institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea (IEEK)


Current Projects

Fingerprint Recognition for mobile small sensors

Fingerprint template protection

Smart Enrollment for Fingerprint Recognition

Face Age Estimation

Mobile Touchless Fingerprint Recognition

Previous Projects

Signature recognition, Auto Parking System,

People Counting System, Fake Iris Detection,

Fingerprint Recognition using Mobile Phone Camera, and so on.

Biometrics (Fingerprint, Iris, Face Recognition)

Object Surveillance

3D Face Modeling

Touchless Fingerprint Recognition

Nonintrusive Iris Recognition

Age Estimation

Driver Monitoring System

Fake Fingerprint detection